All About Our LVP Flooring

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Are you still enjoying these floors? Anything g you don’t like about them?

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      We’ve absolutely loved them! No complaints so far. We’ve been in our home for about a year and a half and we still don’t have any scratches, even with 4 little kids, 2 dogs and me moving furniture around all the time. 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    Do you know if your LVP was floated or glued down?

  3. Annie says:

    I’m trying to find where to buy your flooring but having such a hard time! It doesn’t look like my local ProSource carries Paradigm and I can’t seem to find anywhere that has it 🙁

  4. Lynnette says:

    Can you please share the wall color you used and the white countertop in the kitchen.
    Would gray furniture and accents go with this flooring?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Lynnette! Counters are Mont Blanc Quartzite and cabinets and walls are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Lime washed brick is Avario White by Romabio. Hope this helps!

  5. Ami says:

    Love the flooring color. Which paradigm color you chose? Thank you

  6. Scott says:

    Hi Lindsey. Do you find the finish shreds socks and kids clothings? Seems to be a common problem with durable LVP.

  7. Julie says:

    Hi Lindsey! Thanks for sharing info about how you clean your LVP. Have you noticed any issues with dirt/crumbs/flour being difficult to pick up with the Embossed in Register texture/bevels? We do a fair amount of cooking/baking and gravity is strong in our kitchen :). I love the look of the microbevels and woodgrain but am nervous about whether they act as dust catchers. Thanks for any info you can share and for letting us have a glimpse of your beautiful home!

    • Hi Julie,
      We haven’t had any issues with dust or buildup in the mircobevels. I’ve never noticed anything sticking to them before. I did have one spot in our pantry where the kids snuck some chocolate chips and they melted on the floor. That did take a little scrubbing by hand (not much!) to get it out of the woodgrain. Other than that all the other splatters have come up super easy with the Spinwave. 🙂 Hopefully that’s helpful.


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