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I love to work with brands that are relevant to my audience. Whether that's home decor picks, fashion advice or the next up and coming item that will make their life easier. My readers know I share products I truly love and that I can stand behind. 

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My audience is made up of mostly well-educated, working, married women age 25-45. They are homeowners, pet owners, mothers and make more than $75k/yr.

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Though each sponsored post includes photography, I can also create additional visual assets for your own use. 

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 additional sponsorship opportunities upon request.

This article is hosted on lindseypedey.com. Partnerships are disclosed at the beginning of each post and can contain multiple links throughout. All articles include a post on Instagram and Facebook, with Pinterest and TikTok available by request. 

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Instagram is the social media platform I have focused on and am very proud of the growth & engagement, as well as community & trust I work to build everyday. All of my followers are organic, invested in what I'm doing and trust my recommendations.

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I'm confident we can work together to create content that will be mutually beneficial to both brands, as well as my readers.

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