I believe you should          where you live. Embrace the process, celebrate the progress.



Design tips and tricks, projects I'm currently working on, what I'm loving lately, easy DIYs &  Midweek Meals so you can take one thing off your plate. Get it? ;)  Most of all I want this to be a place you come to and leave feeling inspired.

What i want to share:

A love for where you live, for the journey getting there, the inspiration shared along the way and the community found.

In the end this blog is a

love story.

This space (and community) has been years in the making, I just didn't know it. Years of loving all things home decor, design, interiors and styling. Loving photography and honing my craft. Making real friendships through social media, and working with brands who sometimes also become friends. 

I wanted to create a space to inspire, a place  to get help with design, a place to share all my current favorite things and to work with brands I'd only ever dreamed of working with. 

You can read more about it here.

Lindsey Pedey

the founder

Let's create a space you never
want to leave.

let's work together